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The Showboat project was created in 2002 to make synth-heavy tech-house electronic music and has remained an ongoing side project. So far, Showboat has released a single on Steve Bug's "Pokerflat Records" in Germany on a compilation called "The US Tournament". Showboat has also had track placements on the DVD re-release of the 80's tv show, "Melrose Place".


The following songs are part of the "Showboat Sampler Platter 2000 - 2007".

Intro (Glimmer EP) 3:13
I'm Sorry (I'm Not The Same) 3:50
Shuffle (Glimmer EP) 3:15
Electrolyte (White Out EP) 4:45
Trespass (White Out EP) 2:57
Guitar (Glimmer EP) 3:55
Tomorrow I'm Dead (I'm Not The Same) 4:38
Petrol (Glimmer EP) 5:08
Glimmer (Glimmer EP) 6:36
Debbie Disco (Adderal EP) 4:13
Swarm (Adderal EP) 3:50
White Out (White Out EP) 6:31
Adderal (Adderal EP) 4:21
Robot Girlfriend (Robot Girlfriend) 5:23
Robot Girlfriend Flesh Mix (Robot Girlfriend) 5:35

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